Pills and Tablets
Will cure the Dry Pox in 4 days and if not to bad ... the Wet Pox in a week
Alfalfa Meal
Drug Free Poise
This long awaiting product is an alternative to Equipoise. If you are tired of begging a vetnarian to let you buy some Equipoise at their outrageous inflated prices, try this product. Hit Hard - Cut - No Shock - Alert - Works with any and all other Keep Aids. Try it boys, it really works, and it's legal to have in your possession.
6 Cock Supply - $20.00
Nite Owl B-15 Capsules
Give 1 Capsule Per Day in the Morning for Last 4 Days.

Nite Owl B-15 will put alot of oxygen into the blood and feed the bone marrow causing it to produce a higher blood count. This Oxygen enriched blood count will wash the lactic acid off the muscles and give your Cock that strong kick that is needed in todays competition. Have you ever been so hungry that you could eat anything and everything in sight,  than all of a sudden your not hungry anymore? This Nite Owl B-15 will stop your Cock from having that hungry feeling. This product can be used with any other product without any side effects.
100 Capsules - $20.00
Carbo - Energizer supplies your cock with a balance of Carbohydrates unequalled by any thing solid through the publications to date. Concept is very simple, more carbohydrates, more energy. You need carbohydrates as a primary source of energy, but it must be the right kind, Carbo - Energizer is the right kind.
100 Capsules  $15.00
DMG - 15  2000
This nutritional formula is a must for heavy training and high performance events. Natural heel fighters have kept this product a seceret for years and years. When they train their cockd they work that for upwards to 45 days, a training reglment that is very hard on any Gamecock. This product is safe with any other aids and will not have any side effects. 
Give DMG - 15  2000 at the rate of 1 capsule daily while training.
Priced at $15.00 per 100 capsules
Same as used in Nite Owl Method of feeding Cocks. Helps with small rattles, this is the most natural blood couglant known to man. A small thaspoonful will sprinkle over enough feed for 6 cocks. This will help your cocks tremandously. Quit trying all that Vitamin K and all that other blood couglant bull and go natural. You will be pleasantly surprised. 
16 ounce bag will do about 200 cocks for only    $6.00
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