This video is what Paul "Nite Owl" Hulin did to get competitive. This video is what Paul Hulin did with a gamecock on Fight Fay. It is 2:18 minutes long and there is a section on what he would do while handling.  Price $25.00
The secret is out! The "NITE OWL" method of training cocks is on video.This method of training cocks is on three DVD's covering three weeks. Nothing is left out. This is how Paul Hulin (Nite Owl) trained his cocks for Gaffs, Long Knives and Short Knives. For years you watched Paul "Nite Owl" Hulin fight on the major circuit and wonder how his cocks remained strong.  $100.00
Nite Owl Conditioning Method Is Now Available On 3 DVD's
Now Available On DVD
Nite Owl Fight Day Now  On DVD
These Video's Were Made When Cockfighting Was Still Legal. Since Then It Has Become Illegal. They Are Only To Be A Collectors Item Now. Just A Biography On How      Paul "Nite Owl" Hulin Use To Do It.
Paul "Nite Owl" Hulin shows step by step how he would make his Gaffs. It shows how he would braze, shape, harden, temper and sew leathers. This video is over 3 hours long.   Price 100.00
The quality of the "Fight Day" Video isn't great but the information is still there.