$11.00 each

This is the vitamin that the Nite Owl sprinkles over the feed in his Conditioning Method. Just sprinkle a small amount every night over the night feed. If you have trouble finding Clovite you can order this from the Nite Owl. It comes in a 16 ounce container.
Price  $10.00
Nite Owl Black Vitamins
Nite Owl Black Vitamins come in a handy eye dropper bottle, 6 cock supply for only $11.00. This is the best blood builder formulated for Gamecocks. If a better Vitamin blood builder existed, the Nite Owl would be using it. Helps cocks stay strong by washing the lactic acid off muscles during combat and puts alot of oxygen into the blood stream. Give orally 1/2 eye dropper for 18 days, stop 3 days before contest. You would be surprised at how many entries around the world compete every weekend using the 
"Nite Owl Black Vitamin"
We're sorry but do to the increase of prices we had to go up on the price of our Black Vitamins