$500.00 to build Website

Maintance Fee: Up to 5 changes per month for a $10.00 fee. A service charge of $1.00 per change after 5 changes.
  " A change is considered as going into your site to update it. From 1 item to 20 items per service is Only $1.00."

Pictures: Pictures will be cropped for free.

Billing:Your credit card will be charged automatically for Website server and Maintance fee. There will be 2 charges to your credit card, "Homestead" (is the server) and "Nite Owl Supplies" (for Maintance).
There will be a 1 time charge of $20.00  for the Setup Fee to be officially aired.

Unlimited Space: Your web pages are unlimited. Your site can be as large as you like.

If you want to see other Websites I've built, you can view them at the sites below.

Monthly Charges To Keep Website Aired

              Monthly Fee           $19.99
  One Time Set Up Fee          $20.00
         Unlimited Pages
          Paypal Enabled


Building Web Sites
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